Luua's Creative Gratitude Practice - English Version

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Explore the creative gratitude journey in our printed activity journal or e-book version. Designed to inspire young minds to grow with gratitude, mindfulness, and creativity. 

Here's what you can expect:

🌟 Create a gratitude routine

🌟 Develop a growth mindset

🌟 Regulate Emotions

🌟 Building self awareness


See how children use our Creative Gratitude Journal in the video below

    QR Coded Materials

    🌟 Music - 10 Hz bineural beats that helps with: stress reduction, focus, positive thinking, faster learning experience & creativity boost

    🌟 Mindfulness playlist which includes yoga & Breathwork videos, creative DIY projects, animated books and additional high-frequency music


    No, if you have a tablet you can use a notes app. We suggest the COLLANOTE APP. a tutorial comes with a purchase. If you would like to print the pages we suggest a two page spread a week that enables you to have a full year gratitude practice with your child.

    for independent use we recommend the ages of 6-12. if your child is younger, they need support with the reading and they can draw their answers. But in either case it leads to great conversation and opens the pathway to communication.

    Our music and videos are QR coded to curated youtube playlists. The 10Hz music video is an hour long that can be used as background music. For a better experience use stereo headphones. The Mindfulness playlist comprises stories, breath-work and, yoga videos. We suggest revising often for different learning experiences.

    Listening to 10Hz music may help your child relax and focus, as it's associated with calming alpha brainwaves. However, individual responses can vary.

    Don't take our word for it


    I love the gratitude journal because it gives them an opportunity to talk to us about feelings and have open ended questions that lead to different conversations.

    Tina, Teacher for 20 years

    We got a "Creative Gratitude Journal" for our six year old and we could not be happier with our decision. Each night we sit together to talk about our day but we use the journal as a guide during our conversation.

    Megan & Logan, Parents of a 6 year old

    This book has changed our life because now my daughter can talk openly about her feelings and have empathy towards others.

    Lina, Teacher and mother of a 9 year old