Luua's Creative Gratitude Journal

🌟 Explore the creative journey in our printed activity journal or e-book version. 
designed to inspire young minds to growth with gratitude, mindfulness, and creativity.  🌟

Within These Pages, Young Minds Will:

🌟 Create a gratitude routine

🌟 Develop a growth mindset

🌟 Regulate Emotions

🌟 Building self awareness

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Transformational Journey

This journal provides a creative journey, guiding your child through a mindfulness practice, fostering gratitude, and cultivating a growth mindset.

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Empowering Growth

Through self-reflection and exploration, children learn to embrace challenges, set goals, and build resilience—a recipe for lifelong success.

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Creative Expression

Encourages emotional self-expression through drawing, writing, and contemplation, allowing children to discover their inner creativity.

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Why a gratitude practice?

Creative Gratitude Journal Options

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Digital Version

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Best used by 6-12 years old Kids

Download the digital version of our gratitude journal. Easily used with PDF Editors, We love COLLANOTE. (LINK & explanation provided in the confirmation email)
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Printed version

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Best used by 6-12 years old Kids

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Digital + Printed Version

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Best used by 6-12 years old Kids

Bundle the printed version with our digital version to expand your children's gratitude practice.
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QR Coded Bonus Materials

🌟 Music - 10 Hz bineural beats that helps with: stress reduction, focus, positive thinking, faster learning experience & creativity boost

🌟 Mindfulness playlist which includes yoga & Breathwork videos, creative DIY projects, animated books and additional high-frequency music

About the Author 

Sharon Cowley has been in the early childhood education field for 28 years. She holds her master in elementary education and is a state certified educational consultant.
Sharon has established herself as a market leader in the ECE field for the past 20 years with innovative curriculums fostering creativity, independece, and soft skills. 
She founded luua to share her imaginative curriculum in purposeful play with parents and teachers around the world

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What Our Customers Say
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Luua is a go-to resource in our home! Luua takes the guesswork out of the prepping and planning and allows us to enjoy quality time together. They feel empowered to follow the directions and take ownership of their creations! As a mom and educator, I can't say enough good things about this brand.

Sara, teacher, and mom of 2 girls 4 and 6

This is really great! Easy to read, visually stimulating, and definitely kept my child's attention. All the projects are fun, easy, and totally doable for me and my daughter. She loved every one of them! I love the colors, artwork, cleanliness, and simplicity of the projects. It’s really, really good.

Tiffany - mom of a 5-year-old

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